Restructuring and active management

Corporate restructuring is a process of change of one or more aspects of a company. The restructuring of the company can be implemented as a result of a variety of factors such as, higher competitiveness, ability to survive in an unfavourable economic climate or a complete change on the company focus. Companies often exhibit signs of financial problems long before there is an outbreak of the crisis. In most cases, it is possible to prevent the escalation of negative economic results, but it is necessary to detect problems early and make the necessary steps for the recovery of financial performance and increase company value.

Services provided in a field of restructuring and active management of distressed assets

  • financial restructuring and revitalization of the company
  • stabilization of the company through crisis management
  • independent assessment of the financial performance of the company to the creditors / management / owners
  • sale of the company shares
  • sale of the company assets or parts
  • finding strategic partners

Sale / purchase intermediation of distressed assets

We provide advisory and intermediation services of sale / purchase of distressed assets, whether we talking about banks’ assets, private equity funds assets or private investors assets.

Services provided for the sale / purchase of distressed assets

  • legal due diligence
  • financial due diligence
  • solutions to legal problems
  • solutions to financial problems
  • negotiation regarding terms a conditions of loan restructuring
  • preparation of business plan for potential investor